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Every gift makes a difference!

You are helping to build an incredible life for our Residents.

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Where adults with special needs enjoy life while contributing to their community and beyond!

Crossroads Ranch was borne out of tragedy. Marcus sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2002 at the age of 17. After spending several miserable years in institutions, his mom, Renae, had a dream (now becoming a reality) to have a privately funded, residential community for high-functioning, special needs adults. Through your donations, you are making that possible.

Our mission is to provide high functioning, special needs adults a safe, loving environment with supervised independence. Our goal is to provide activities and learning experiences which will focus on each resident's abilities, not disabilities.

Our vision is to provide a safe and loving environment where residents have the opportunity to not only live, but also be given the chance for daily learning activities, spiritual and peer involvement, and experience a sense of community. At Crossroads Ranch, we believe that everyone needs a place to call home-a place to feel happy, healthy, and safe-a community where everyone makes a difference.